Documentary film (68min)



”The story of a Baltic German refugee who became Lapland’s father of light.”


Filmmaker Antti Haase takes us on a personal journey, learning about his fathers’ legacy. Baltic German engineer Gunnar Haase, initially a refugee, arrived in Finnish Lapland in 1945 to repair the destruction left by the Germans. Antti’s father Hannu continued grandfather Gunnar’s mission to bring electricity to Lapland – the powerlines finally reaching the very last Lapland home on the 23th July,1987. Rural electrification was an enormous undertaking; it brought modern life and equality to people still living in the harsh nature. And while the undertaking took a heavy toll, it also illuminated the way forward. The Illuminators is an inspiring story about courage and social progress as well as sons following in their father’s footsteps.

Writer & Director: Antti Haase

Editor: Mikko Sippola

Cinematography: Mikko Leinonen, Antti Haase

Sound Recording: Timo Haanpää

Music: Håkon Gebhardt

Sound Designer: Jani Viitala

Sound Mixer: Martti Turunen

Graphic Design & Animations: Arttu Tuovinen

Producer: Jouko Aaltonen

Production company: Illume Ltd